Club Name

The full formal name of the Club is “Aratika Water Sports Club Incorporated”

The Club is an Incorporated Society. The Registered number is : 1684401

“Aratika “ means “the pathway”.

Mission Statement

The Club’s Mission Statement is

“the Pathway to “Tangaroa’s” knowledge.”

Club Culture

Aratika club encompass and respects all cultures. The club’s culture is to create and foster friendship among the people who practice the sport of Maori and Polynesian canoe paddling and sailing regardless of culture, religion, political affiliation, age or sex.

Aratika recognises and acknowledges the mana of Maoridom in Aotearoa where Maori people are the Tangata whenua, the indigenous people of the land.

Core Beliefs

We believe strongly in the spirit of Fair Play in the management of the Club and in all competitions; those run by our Club, or when we participate in other Club, Regional or National events.

Safety is paramount in all that we do. To that end we promote water safety “best practices” to all our members.

We believe in promoting high standards of health for our members and their whanau, including the promotion of a Smoke Free / Auahi Kore environment.

Current and accurate communication to all our members, we believe is one of the keys to Club success.

We believe in always presenting a positive and friendly face to our “sister clubs” within the Auckland Region and the wider paddling fraternity.

Our Kaupapa in Waka Ama

A)     Manaakitanga: We encourage the practice of reciprocity through sharing of ourselves and our resources, nurturing all people and accepting our differences; 

B)     Whanaungatanga: Is our sense of belonging, identification and collective strength, not only through kinship but being related to all within the Waka Ama community.

C)     Hauora: We support and promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all our participants. 

D)     Tu Tangata: We are accountable for our actions. We have respect for each other, our waka and our environment. We stand proud in our integrity and passion.

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